Football: The Hardest Job review

Football: The Hardest Job

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What Kind Of Manager Will You Be?

Manage your team as a fair (or ruthless) football manager and swipe your fingers either left or right to impose your will upon the team. With this tongue-in-cheek football management game you must navigate the seemingly never-ending stream of problems and demands from the people around you - coaches, players, the press, the board of directors, your family and many more. Keep them all happy or disaster awaits, and keep your players well trained to secure wins each week and earn your place at the top of the league table.

As the season progresses your decisions become ever more important so think ahead to avoid being ousted early from your job. Everybody needs a piece of you, everybody needs to get paid and some just want to bring you down into the relegation zone or, worse, to the unemployment lines. With over 60 ways to get fired (or worse) can you handle the stress and navigate your motley crew of spoiled superstars to victory?


Football: The Hardest Job Football: The Hardest Job
Football: The Hardest Job
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