Evil Maze 2 | 惡魔迷宮 2 review

Evil Maze 2 | 惡魔迷宮 2

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This is a retro random strategy ARPG.
Rich hidden elements, random props, random magic, random maze

Rich CG 9+

10000+ combinations of game levels
Hundreds of game props, mysterious props, enemies
80 achievements

Rich hidden treasures and hidden area

A new block is added. In the face of powerful enemies and firepower, the use of block can offset all damage.
Optimize the original game by adding more interesting way to play until you find them in the game

It's a different experience for everyone to play games.

The game begins with the ending of a generation of DLC: after heroine poisoned, her friend suhaya searched for some medicine.

The game can be roughly divided into two stages: Jungle, ghost city.

Suhaya found the bigger hidden danger in the world.

A jungle full of Demons

And the hidden nightmare castle in the jungle.

She need to found the antidote for her friend.
Alone in this unknown area.
Waiting for her is endless demons? Or hope?

In the game, you need to increase your attack defense and other contents to fight the monster!
At the same time, use the classic magic tower strategy and random preset maze.
You need to ensure that the keys you collect can successfully open all kinds of doors!
You need to explore your own random props, equipment, and magic to defeat all kinds of monsters!
Random BOSS and maze give the game more uncertainty.

Are you ready? My friend?
Do you want to save your friend who are seriously ill for friendship?

Maybe there is no future in the future.
But for you, my friend, I must be brave once!



Evil Maze 2 | 惡魔迷宮 2 Evil Maze 2 | 惡魔迷宮 2
Evil Maze 2 | 惡魔迷宮 2
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