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Colette's Sugar Madness

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Colette's Sugar Madness is a retro platformer designed to be completed in a single sitting. Use the powers afforded to you by multiple costumes to save Halloween candy from falling into the wrong hands (i.e. any hands but yours). Hone your skills with each play through to make each play better than the last. How much candy can you get?

You play as the eponymous Colette as she makes her way to each house along with the myriad of other trick-or-treaters. With your reflexes and Colette's costume abilities, rush to the houses to ensure the largest amount of candy will be remaining. Each world is designed lovingly to help you learn the nuances of each costume a little more with each play-through; ensuring that you always feel the sweet, sweet reward of progression (and candy).
Dynamic Bosses: boss chases through the level, making for high tension action!
Play as a pirate costumer, a witch, a firefighter, a robot, and regular Colette. Each costume changes how you move through the level.


Colette's Sugar Madness Colette's Sugar Madness
Colette's Sugar Madness
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